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Newcomer registration

Welcome and thank you for registering for an account with the MOST Academic Online Application Service Network. Please refer to the following important information:

  • In the interest of improving administrative efficiency, the MOST has instituted a paper-free online system for application to our academic rewards and subsidies. The applicant will be required to register on our website with personal information and may apply for various rewards and subsidy programs upon approval by the MOST and receiving a username for the system.
  • The MOST provides various rewards and subsidy programs specific to different levels of researchers. Therefore, you will be requested to select an appropriate user status, e.g. University student, Master’s candidate, Doctoral candidate, Post-doctoral researcher and Research personnel. The information that needs to be supplied by the applicant and the available reward and subsidy programs will be different depending on the user status. Refer to the next step for more detailed information. Your user status may be changed in the future as your research career progresses.
  • Your personal information ( C301~C304 ) will be recorded for award related works.
  • In accordance with Law of government's Publication (article. 7.9) in Republic of China. The related information about award and grants projects in National Science Council, such like project title, funding, implementation period and reports will be made public.
  • Your name, organization, post, phone number(business), and academic writings (also called C302) will be published for scholarship communication. You can further make settings for publishing email, Work experience, etc. in basic information editing (also called C301).
  • Based on implementing the academic institutional demands, catalog(C302) will be provided for current institution querying and downloading.
  • Please contact IT Customer Service hotline at (02) 2737-7592 or email us at if you have any questions.